[Nautilus-list] Re: Medusa?

While at Eazel, I was the maintainer of Medusa, and I'm currently still
working on it as a volunteer in my spare time.  I'd like Medusa to be
useful as a part of Nautilus in the future, and I've been working on
reengineering it to address some serious valid security concerns people
used it had.  After I'm done with that, I'll be working on making
Medusa's indexer fast enough so that it will be usable by more people.

  I haven't been subscribed to this list, as there are only so many
hours in a day, but I'll be releasing a new version of Medusa at some
point, and I'd love to get help in integrating it better with Nautilus,
so features that would be really useful, like virtual folders (VFolders)
can become a part of Nautilus.


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