Re: [Nautilus-list] Fix and suggested change for gnome-info2html2

On Thu, Sep 13, 2001 at 07:02:05PM -0500, Langdale, Philip wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been fiddling with gnome-info2html2 in my continuing efforts to get galeon up
> to scratch as a gnome help browser. One thing I noticed was that gnome-info2html2
> is failing to place full links in the html, it only puts the # Ref by itself. I've looked at
> the code and it seems that this is a bug. The diff I've included ( not designed to be
> applied ) shows a fix for it. In addition, I'm suggesting switching from using a # Ref
> to a ? Query when specifying nodes. This is similar to how gnome-db2html2 works
> and seems to be more logical, because if nodes are specified, only that single node
> is displayed, and # Ref targets are expected to exist within the displayed document.
> Mozilla will not pass a # Ref url back through to the handler and instead will try to
> jump to the target in the current document, but this is impossible because only the
> current node is displayed. In fact, I have not been able to find anyway to respect
> node targets specified as a # Ref. I am aware that this will require a small change
> to other nautilus code ( to look for a ? instead of  # ) but I think it's a sensible change
> to make. Of course, I'm biased because it changes my help code from broken to
> complete. :-)

Phil -

Could you file this in bugzilla so we're sure it doesn't get lost?

John Fleck
jfleck inkstain net (h),

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