Re: [Nautilus-list] More merge

On 10Sep2001 11:54AM (-0700), Darin Adler wrote:
> Nautilus coding style would use {} around the body of the if.
> I wish we didn't have a "Nautilus coding style". We should fix that soon so
> that it matches at least one other major gnome component. I see no reason
> for it to be different from what's used in every other project.

There's really no 100% consistent GNOME coding style. For instance,
gtk+ and glib use two-space indents instead of eight; bonobo has
particular rules about local variable naming that other projects don't
follow and a requirement to omit braces around single-line if blocks
(whereas in other places it's optional); oaf and gnome-vfs (and
presumably eel and librsvg and other nautilus-associated projects) try
to follow the nautilus style; and many of the more grab-bag packages
like gnome-utils, gnome-applets and gnome-games have a different style
for each individual program.

gnome-libs is probably the least common denominator in that it leaves
many things unspecified; I think both bonobo-style and nautilus-style
code are also valid gnome-libs style.

I guess I would be happy to see the style change if we could easily
match a lot of packages, but it seems like the only feasible way to do
this is to be a lot less strict about the coding style.



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