Re: [Nautilus-list] nautilus_get_user_main_directory

on 9/6/01 2:08 PM, Hanne at noodle warande3076 warande uu nl wrote:

> i keep buggin' you guess, but what the hell.
> compiled today's cvs and got this messages when trying to start
> nautilus:
> nautilus: error while loading shared libraries: nautilus: undefined
> symbol: nautilus_get_user_main_directory
> as far as i know that's some leftover stuff that was in the
> libnautilus-private dir to create ~/Nautilus, but since the RH-merge it

Did you do a "make install"? This is basic stuff, not really specific to
Nautilus. You have to be sure the version you're running is the one you just
compiled. Before posting to the list, please at least try a "make clean all

    -- Darin

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