Re: [Nautilus-list] verify_current_mount_state

on 9/5/01 5:11 PM, Owen Taylor at otaylor redhat com wrote:

> The code in nautilus-volume-monitor.c/verify_current_mount_state() is
> confusing me a quite a bit:

Sadly, the original author is the only one who would know why the code is
written the way it is -- this code was not carefully reviewed as it went in.
I'll try to figure it out with you.

> We actually need the full name and so forth for the old_mounts list,
> fm-desktop-icon-view.c needs it to know what to remove, so what
> we have to do is:
> a) Call load_additional_mount_list_info() on current_mounts before
>   we save it in monitor->details->mounts.
> b) Not call load_additional_mount_list_info() on old_mounts
>   or saved_mount_list since that will wipe out what we stored.

That sounds right to me.

I'm not even sure why load_additional_mount_list_info has to be done in a
separate pass in the first place instead of being done as the mount list is
created. I suspect the code in this file could be greatly simplified without
changing its behavior for the worse.

> I don't understand this either ... old_mounts and saved_mount list
> come from the same place (the previous list of mounts that was stored
> in mount->details->mounts), so saved_mount_list won't have any information
> that is not in old_mounts.
> I think calling update_modified_volume_name doesn't actually do anything
> useful, and it seems to be some attempt to solve the problem that
> a) and b) are supposed to fix above.

I think you're right. This looks like an attempt to hack around a specific
problem caused by getting additional volume information at a late date.

    -- Darin

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