Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Scripts Web Page

on 9/3/01 7:33 PM, Ben Ford at ben kalifornia com wrote:

> I see that NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_WINDOW_GEOMETRY is a variable the script can
> use.  Can it also set this variable and resize the window?

No. There's nothing to allow resizing a window that's already open.

> A simple 
> example where that would be handy would be on an image preview.  The
> script could resize the Nautilus window to contain the image more
> appropriately.

If the script opens a window, it can control the window's size and position
by using the --geometry command line option.

> Also, are their any API's available for the script to use?


> An example 
> would be a script that could convert a word doc to a temporary file and
> then open that in the text previewer.

If you want to open a file in Nautilus, you can execute the command
"nautilus <URL>". It will tell Nautilus to open the window and then return.

> Or, it could run a perl or PHP
> (if you had CGI version) script and display the output in HTML preview,
> maybe even popping up a dialog box so you could input variables.

You can pop up a dialog box using GTK bindings for perl. That's why
NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_WINDOW_GEOMETRY is defined -- to help you put the dialog box
in the right place.

You can open a window to display some HTML using the "nautilus <URL>"

    -- Darin

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