Re: [Nautilus-list] notes sidebar functionality

on 9/3/01 7:45 AM, peter foley at peter foley Sun COM wrote:

> i was testing a build of Nautilus from CVS 2nd August 2001. Both on
> Solaris and linux
> I noticed that when the Notes sidebar is opened, what used to be the
> cut/copy/paste text options under the main Edit menu are it
> appears that the user cannot cut/copy/paste anymore...
> Is this functionality that has been removed, or is it simply a bug (if
> so i'll log in bugzilla)

The menu items are supposed to be there. But the way those menu items get
into the menu stretches the Bonobo UI machinery to the limit, and has never
worked 100%. So it's definitely not "functionality that has been removed". A
bug report would do no harm.

    -- Darin

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