Re: [Nautilus-list] Include styles

on 9/2/01 3:32 AM, Maciej Stachowiak at mjs noisehavoc org wrote:

> When should a C source file that's part of a library include one of
> the library's headers as <libfoo/foo-bar.h> and when as "foo-bar.h"?
> I'm seeing both styles in libnautilus-private and also in gnome-vfs
> and I'm not sure if the differences are intentional/meaningful or not.

When including a header that's part of the same source directory, it makes
sense to use "foo-bar.h", but <libfoo/foo-bar.h> remains legal. For
including your own corresponding header, "foo-bar.h" seems much clearer.

When including a header from another directory (say including libnautilus
headers in libnautilus-private source), the <libfoo/foo-bar.h> form is
recommended so that we don't need to use -I in every directory for every
other directory it uses headers from.

In headers themselves, of course, <libfoo/foo-bar.h> is required.

Sound OK?

    -- Darin

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