[Nautilus-list] patch to news_channels.xml


Here is a patch to add Mojolin Jobs to the Nautilus news channel. I'm not
sure I've done it right.  If not, please correct me, so I can attempt it

The patched file should be /opt/gnome/share/nautilus/news_channels.xml

--- news_channels.xml   Sat Sep  1 02:58:03 2001
+++ new.news_channels.xml       Sat Sep  1 02:55:02 2001
@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
        <rss_channel name="Linux Today" uri="http://linuxtoday.com/backend/my-ne
tscape.rdf" show="false" open="false"/>
        <rss_channel name="Linux Weekly News" uri="http://lwn.net/headlines/rss";
 show="false" open="false"/>
        <rss_channel name="Linux.com" uri="http://www.linux.com/mrn/front_page.r
ss" show="false" open="false"/>
+       <rss_channel name="Mojolin Jobs" uri="http://mojolin.com/xml/mojolin.rss
" show="false" open="false"/>
        <rss_channel name="Morons" uri="http://morons.org/morons.rss"; show="fals
e" open="false"/>
        <rss_channel name="Mozilla" uri="http://www.mozilla.org/news.rdf"; show="
false" open="false"/>
        <rss_channel name="Mozilla Zine" uri="http://www.mozillazine.org/content
s.rdf" show="false" open="false"/>



Dan Barber
Mojolin: Linux, Unix and Embedded Jobs and Resumes. 

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