Re: [Nautilus-list] script w/ mime handling

John Sullivan <sullivan eazel com> writes:

> (1) It puts the burden on every user (or the installer program if there is
> one) to put each script in the right place. This is much more error-prone
> than if the script just "does the right thing" in the Scripts folder.

I don't think this is any harder than the rest of the rigmarole involved
with installing stuff on a modern system.  With some luck, the user will
get scripts with an rpm/deb.  We can write a script manager should we
get to that point.

> (2) Using the hierarchy in this way precludes a commonly-asked-for feature
> of letting the user create arbitrary subfolders in the scripts folder.
> (3) It forces users to think about and deal with MIME types explicitly. I
> don't think we want to limit the utility of the Scripts mechanism to only
> users who are thoroughly conversant in MIME types.
> (4) If the Scripts menu reflects the folder hierarchy, then you've got to
> navigate multiple levels of hierarchical menus to choose a script, which is
> a pain. If the Scripts menu doesn't reflect the folder hierarchy, then
> there's a hard-to-understand relationship between the Scripts folder and the
> Scripts menu.

I think the point is that the scripts only appear if you right click on
an icon of a certain mime-type.  This removes the burden of points 2-4
from the user.  I personally would love to be able to target specific
actions on certain file types.  For example, in gmc, I was able to right
click on the floppy icon and get 'Format floppy'.  This was done via
gfloppy registering itself with the 'application/x-floppy-device'
mime-type.  I'd like to be able to do this with nautilus, but don't know
how to.


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