[Nautilus-list] Getting ready to do releases of intltool, librsvg, eel, nautilus

I'm getting ready to release intltool 0.10, librsvg 1.0.2, eel 1.0.2, and
nautilus 1.0.5. I'll be doing these releases over the next week or two.

If you know of specific things that are broken in one of these 4 packages,
please let me know as soon as possible. I'd like to see bug numbers in
bugzilla.gnome.org and patches for anything you think is required.

At the moment, although there are some pending patches we want to get into
Nautilus, I don't know of any that are absolutely required for 1.0.5 -- I'll
try to wait until they get in, but I reserve the right to release before
then. We have to get this release out so we can start on the gnome 2 version
of Nautilus.

    -- Darin

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