[Nautilus-list] [PATCH] Nautilus URL DnD

Hello. I'm looking into drag-and-drop issues on the desktop, and have
the attached one-line patch against Nautilus (CVS NAUTILUS_1_0_6). I
consulted Darin, and he advised me to post here.

The patch makes it possible to drag a URL from Mozilla or Galeon into a
Nautilus file manager window, to create a URL .desktop file for it. I'm
not sure if this is entirely the correct way to do it, but before this
patch, the .desktop file creation function was passed a NULL pointer for
the URL (resulting in a critical).

I'm going to look into other DnD issues related to Nautilus as well -
notably dragging URLs from Nautilus to a browser (now causes it to
display the .desktop file instead of the URL it points to).

Hans Petter

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