[Nautilus-list] Re: Nautilus vs. xpenguins

> I don't know whether CDE leaves the root window alone, but if it
> does, then all the people we expect to move from that to Gnome
> under Solaris or HP/UX will probably make this complaint/observation/
> request for "what's going on?" when they do so. If CDE leaves it
> alone, It would be worth remembering to have a FAQ entry about Nautilus
> and the root window when people start to switch over. 

Root apps work fine in CDE - I run xearth all the time and occasionally
xsnow on by HP-UX box, so apparently CDE doesn't cover up the X root
window.  CDE users who migrate to Nautilus will be negatively impacted
by this if they use root window apps.

My solution on Linux has been to use GMC to draw the desktop icons and
use Nautilus as the file manager.  GMC's icons and text aren't as nice, 
but I like some root apps enough that it's worth the tradeoff (at least
on a fast machine with lots of RAM).

I tend to agree that Nautilus should figure out a way to coexist with
the X root window, at least as an option, with the price of the option
being the loss of anti-aliased icons.  The whole point of Nautilus is
an improved user experience, but taking away the X root window may
result in a reduced user experiencd for users who are already accustomed
to X.


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