RE: [Nautilus-list] The Evolution of Nautilus, or thoughts on the future UI of GNOME [LONG]

On 29 May 2001 19:52:10 -0400, rpmuldoon students wisc edu wrote:
> This is a pretty big endeavor.  While it may or may not be a good technical solution to the problem, I agree that finding ways to make gnome an "interpersonal" desktop is a good avenue to explore.  We should take advantage of UNIX's network-transparency and such.  Finding better ways to collaborate with other people is a good idea.
> I would suggest doing things one piece at a time, though.....getting the foundational parts in place, and then seeing where we can go with them. A mail view in nautilus would totally kick ass.  If I could click on my evolution directory, and get folders that correspond to my actual mail folders, with a mail list view, it would be pretty useful.  Virtual folders in Nautilus would also be a huge plus.  These two alone are probably a good amount of work though....I'd like to see things like this implemented before we get too carried away.  We need the foundational bits before we can start doing the really cool stuff later on.

Oh I couldn't agree more on that one. I guess I was just going for a
"What might be the long term plan? Where might we want to go with this?"


Darren (glad he hasn't been flamed yet for sending ridiculously long
rambling messages)

D. D. Brierton               Department of Philosophy, University of Edinburgh
ddb cogsci ed ac uk                  

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