[Nautilus-list] Nautilus using Text view instead of Mozilla view

Hi all,

I'm coming back on a problem we found on Nautilus 1.0.1 which was
causing Nautilus to use Text_View instead of Mozilla view for http

I'm trying to correct that with Nautilus 1.0.3 and it appears that
Text_View is preferred to Mozilla_View because of the
bonobo:supported_mime_type of Text_View which contains "<item
value="text/*"/>" which seems to "hide" the more precise "text/html"
mime type from Mozilla_View.

I don't understand since the oaf_query to find the best object to handle
text/html should return Mozilla_View instead of Text_View.
Tthe query contains : 
(((NOT bonobo:supported_mime_types.defined ()OR
bonobo:supported_mime_types.has ('text/html')OR
bonobo:supported_mime_types.has ('text/*')OR
bonobo:supported_mime_types.has ('*/*')

so it should be ok.

Any idea ?

Frédéric Crozat

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