[Nautilus-list] SysTray suggestion for Nautilus

Systray might be the wrong name for it, but here goes.

When you play an .mp3 or a .ogg in nautilus, it would be nice if there
was a an icon in the Systray that showed it playing. 

This would allow you to do the following with a context menu:

1) Kill the mpg123, or ogg123 process without opening an xterm.(killing
would remove the icon from the systray, and would be the closest option
in the context menu)

2) Pause, Stop, Play, the mpg123 or ogg123 process (this might also
change the icons appearance)

3) Provide feedback as to what songs are playing, and give that warm
feeling in your belly when everything feels integrated.

Any comments? How difficult would this be? Is the Systray code mature,
or is it on the chopping block..?

Maybe people could think of different uses of the Systray in nautilus
for feedback. Playing music was the most obvious one to me.

thanks for comments/suggestions.


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