Re: [Nautilus-list] How Do I Install (1.29MB) from floppy onto Mandrake 7.2?

On 26 May 2001 00:02:30 -0400, LisaTCrouse aol com wrote:
> How Do I Install: (1.29MB) from floppy onto Mandrake 7.2? 
> Assistance Please. I want to try out Nautilus and need an assembly sheet of 
> directions like kit model airplanes are supplied with. Just plain and simple 
> step by step easy to follow directions. 

First of all.  The fact that you saved the to a
floppy and you use AOL, tells me that you cannot use the internet under
your Mandrake install.  The is not like a .exe
install file under Windows.  The must use the
internet to pick up the files it needs to install Nautilus.  It won't
fit on to a floppy disk.  In fact, since Eazel closed down I don't know
if you can use the install script any more.

I may be wrong, but here is the best option for you --> buy the 8.0
version of Mandrake it ships with Nautilus.  Also, if you ever want to
access the internet from Linux you will have to drop your AOL account
and go for a different provider (make sure you don't have a winmodem
before you do this)

Christopher D. Felton

PS - If you need anymore questions answered, don't send them to this
list, it is for development of Nautilus not support.  However, feel free
to email me.  newmojo home com  

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