Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: GNOME user environment brainstorming

> > The rationale for double is presumably that you can select
> > icons. e.g. I can select an icon, then shift-select others and perform
> > some operation on them. Or I can select then hit the shortcut for
> > Rename. etc.
> In Windows, it is possible. If you hold mouse pointer over an icon for
> some time (approx. half a second), it is selected. If you hold shift and
> hold over some other icon, the range is selected. So, instead of
> single-click, you just wait.
> It was not very convenient on windows, maybe because of bad timeout, or
> just because I like double-clicking.

The way that Acorn RISC OS does it is that the third mouse button is called
"Adjust" (the other two are called "Select" and "Menu").  When Adjust is clicked
it always gives the most useful action that is a slight variation of the effect
of clicking Select, in other words the effect is usually similar to
control-click on Windows.  I found this very useful and it gives the third mouse
button definite meaning.  Perhaps when single-click-everywhere mode is enabled
in GNOME, the user could map the middle mouse button to Control-Left Click.

Luke Hutchison.

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