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what about replacing the Nautils bookmarks menu with the GNOME-wide (or
should be soon, judging form the discussions on this list) Favorites menu?


On Fri, 25 May 2001 mitch nuclear physics gatech edu wrote:

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> Well I suppose that's reasonable. I do have one other thing to add though
> about caching. Perhaps Nautilus should be cashed on gnome startup by
> default but have a option for it in the nautilus preferences. Nautilus
> takes years to load for the first time. If it were to be cached on
> startup, it would load instantly. Another thing is the mouse drag
> graphics. Until it makes use of Xrenderer, it's way too slow and sluggish
> feeling/looking. There ought to be a option for normal box style drag. As
> of now, the response time of nautilus is plain out horrible. However, I do
> place a lot of the blaim on gtk 1.x.
> On 25 May 2001, Caleb J. Land wrote:
> > On 25 May 2001 13:50:39 -0400, mitch nuclear physics gatech edu wrote:
> > > C.) Unless nautilus is to become the standard web browser, get rid of all
> > > the bookmark crap, etc.... Nautilus looks way too loaded with menu
> > > options. In other words, the UI doesn't look well thought out.
> >
> > I like the Nautilus bookmark feature... I use it to keep local bookmarks
> > so that certain directories can be easily accessable in an already open
> > Nautilus window.
> >
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