Re: [Nautilus-list] GNOME user environment brainstorming

Cesar Cardoso <cesarcardoso skydome net> writes:
> This item should be distribution/vendor-specific.  So in RedHat this
> would show RH tools, in SuSE would show YaST, in Conectiva would show
> linuxconf and so on.

Right, that's my feeling. Though something like XST that's portable
could be shipped from, and OS vendors could choose to remove
those and add their own stuff.

> Start Here shouldn't be a normal folder. In an ideal situation, Start
> Here shouldn't be a physical folder at all. Start Here should be a
> 'virtual folder'.

Also my feeling, but I was planning to ask Darin how he thought it
should be done.
> I personally think that desktop isn't the place for user shortcuts, but
> anyway...

You'll notice my screenshot has none by default, but I'm not sure we
should keep users from making them; both Windows and Mac allow it, so
people will expect it. 
> > - On desktop, perhaps show "Havoc Pennington's Home" instead of 
> >   "hp's Home"
> I prefer this to be user-configurable. Some will prefer the long name,
> some will prefer the short name, and some (like me) will prefer
> something more esoteric.

It's configurable now, that's how I got "Joe Smith's Home" in the
screenshot. ;-) You just right-click on the icon and choose Rename.
> > - make the Print Screen key take a screenshot
> Hm, this is REALLY important :-)

jrb appears to be implementing this as we speak...


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