Re: [PMH] Re: [Nautilus-list] Idea for Nautilus and GMC.

So sprach Miguel de Icaza am Thu, May 24, 2001 at 03:36:17PM -0400:
> Yes, it is a potential hole, but if they downloaded the software from
> a web site, and the web site instructs them to do `chmod +x file' to
> `see the joke', how is this different from them clicking on the OK
> button?  It is not.

I disagree.  It's entirely different.  In the 'old school' way, the people
would have to do something actievly - namely either starting up a shell and
typing 'chmod +x filename' or setting the +x attribute to on with Nautilus. 
This requires some action.

In the new approach, people don't have to do anything.  Especially they
don't have to think (as much).  This way (making people think less) is

a) More convenient to some (most ?) people
b) A major hole
c) The reason I can't stand windows

Since you obviously want this feature, the dialog box has got to draw
attention to itself at all costs.  One nice way was described be someone
else - add a check box which has to be checked.

But even this is too easy.  A rather nice way to force people to always at
least look at the box, would be if the check box is on a random spot on the
dialog box.  This will cause people to look for the box in the dialog. 
Hopefully they'll read what's written there - but my guess is, that they
will not.

But what this will also ensure is, that people get pissed off by the dialog
box and not use it.  Some 'clever' ones might figure out how to turn on the
+x before double clicking the file.

> You can also send an e-mail saying `please drag the /bin directory
> into the trashcan and everything will work just fine'.  People who
> dont know will also follow the instructions and ignore warnings. 

Well, I cannot drag /bin to trash as I'm not root.  Are the 'brain dead'
people (as someone called them) root?

> The source code I posted contains the warning message before changing
> the execution bit.  

Fine, but it's still a bad idea to turn on the +x bit on the fly, IMO.

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