Re: [Nautilus-list] Idea for Nautilus and GMC

By default Nautilus will ask whether you want to execute or just view any
executable text file when it's double-clicked. This includes bash, perl,
etc. There's an advanced preference to change this behavior to always
execute or always view. It doesn't make sense to prevent people from running
particular scripts, but the current mechanism seems like a reasonable
tradeoff of security vs. convenience.


on 5/23/01 10:42 AM, mitch nuclear physics gatech edu at
mitch nuclear physics gatech edu wrote:

> Checking to see if a file has a elf/a.out signature should be fine. I'd
> worry more about scripts using bash, perl, etc.. It would be trivial to
> check for the head of the file to see if it's a script or not but I'd be
> more worried about untrusted scripts more than anything else. Therefore,
> what type of checks should be performed? Should the script be checked for
> commands such as rm, cat ... >, etc.... and not be allowed to run unless
> forced by the user?
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