[Nautilus-list] Tinderbox and frequent builds

so there exists http://tinderbox.parts-unknown.com it is currently
being fed by a build server running on Red Hat 7.1 with some additional
RawHide packages.

As of Fri May 18 22:26:01 PDT 2001 it was showing success for nautilus
and its current dependencies.

The builds that it is producing (RedHat 7.1 i386 RPMS) are available at 

and you can download them with the command

rsync -PaLv tinderbox.parts-unknown.com::nautilus_rh_7.1/current .

*NOTE* due to limited disk space and bandwidth at my house, I only have
the last successfull build available for download, and I am currently
only allowing 1 download at a time.  If you would like to mirror these
rpms for some reason or if you have a better place to archive these send
me an email

                                   San Francisco, CA
Robin * Slomkowski                 pretender @ rslomkow . org

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