Re: [Nautilus-list] [PATCH] Throbber prelighting

On Thursday, May 17, 2001, at 02:45  AM, Anders Carlsson wrote:

this patch makes the throbber prelit when you move the mouse over it, it
also changes behavior to not be activated until you release the mouse

+	if (throbber->details->is_prelit) {
+		GdkPixbuf *lit_pixbuf = eel_create_spotlight_pixbuf (pixbuf);

Nautilus coding style requires declaring local variables, like lit_pixbuf,
at the top of functions, not inside blocks, and forbids initializing them in their declaration, as described in the style guide:


+	if (throbber->details->is_prelit == FALSE) {

This should be written as "if (!throbber->details->is_prelit)" instead.

+	if (throbber->details->is_prelit == TRUE) {

This should be written as "if (throbber->details->is_prelit)" instead.

Also, shouldn't the enter_notify and leave_notify functions call through to the parent?

The patch is otherwise perfect. If you fix these details please feel free to commit, or post a revised patch and I'll be happy to apply it for you.

    -- Darin

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