Re: [Nautilus-list] what's happening to Nautilus, other packages (Eazel)

Em 16 May 2001 03:16:58 +0800, Ian McKellar escreveu:
> On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 09:23:53PM -0300, Cesar Cardoso wrote:
> > >       trilobite -- The main purpose of this library is to support Eazel 
> > > Services. The maintainer, Eskil Heyn Olsen <eskil olsen sol dk> may want 
> > > to keep it going. There's some good package management stuff in here, 
> > > including the Nautilus package view, but I think it's more likely that he'
> > > ll retire it soon.
> > >
> > It's a real pity - Eazel Services was an interesting idea. Hope that
> > ammonite and trilobite won't be retired; maybe the distros into those
> > services business (RedHat? Progeny?) can use it.
> Well, not to gloat but the Eazel installer is still technically the best
> installer for RPM around. I'm hoping we can work out a way to write a
> backend to talk to different servers. I know Eskil and Robey put a lot
> of work into writing the logic, and most importantly making sure it always
> works right - even on completely broken systems - *especially* on really
> broken systems.

Why not spreading this knowledge of RPM installs? It'll help people
avoiding hard database brokenness :)

> > >       tinderbox -- Having a Tinderbox for Nautilus and the packages it uses 
> > > has been really great during the development of Nautilus 0.1 through 1.0.3.
> > >   One of the best parts for Nautilus testing was the availability of 
> > > "hourly" builds in both source form and RPM packages. Ian was even working 
> > > on making "hourly" builds in Debian package format too. Robin Slomkowski 
> > > <robin slomkowski net> is willing to work with other GNOME hackers to get 
> > > one set up. He knows a lot about making both the Tinderbox server itself 
> > > and the build machines work smoothly. You might want to send him mail if 
> > > you are willing to work with him.
> > >
> > Why not extending the tinderbox idea to the whole GNOME?
> > This should be integrated with GNOME Packaging Project, IMHO, to produce
> > builds, maybe other-day builds, or even daily.
> I'm interested in setting up my SGI as a build server / tinderbox for lots
> of GNOME. I'm planning on getting Robin's help to get that started, initially
> for modules I'm interested in but I'm more than happy to do it for just about
> anything. Tinderbox was a really great tool for us at Eazel and I think it'll
> help GNOME work sooner on more platforms if things turn red when people
> check in bad code ;-)

There's another important point. The hourly builds let a lot of people
to get involved into Nautilus. Sometimes I feel that there's no easy way
to get more people involved into the whole GNOME. Tinderbox builds will
help to make it happen, and ultimately build a better GNOME 2.0.

Cesar Cardoso - cesarcardoso ig com br - ICQ 32237133

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