[Nautilus-list] re: External Browser?

David Megginson writes:

 > How can I use an external browser by default for RSS feeds and other
 > HTTP URLs?  I'm not using the Mozilla component, so I get the text
 > viewer for these pages.  I've gone to the control center and selected
 > "Open With Application" for text/html, but the app I chose
 > (gnome-moz-remote) doesn't get started -- I think that Nautilus is
 > bypassing the MIME types when it gets a Web link.
 > BTW, I already know that I can select a browser after the page is
 > displayed in text view.

I've also tried application/x-nautilus-link (which, curiously, wasn't
in the VFS MIME type list by default), but it doesn't work either for
an RSS feed or for a URL icon on the desktop.  When I try "Open With"
using Default-Browser (i.e. gnome-moz-remote), I get

  "Default-Browser" can't open "/" because
  "Default-Browser" can't access files at "http"
  locations.  Would you like to choose another

This message appears no matter what combination of "Can open multiple
files" and "Can open from URI" I select in the VFS Edit Application

All the best,


David Megginson
david megginson com

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