Re: [Nautilus-list] Wrong language in Eel sv.po!

By the way, I have a very lame excuse as to why I messed this up.  Your
going to think im trying to kiss your ass, but I promise its just a lame

I always test the Swedish translation.  I do so cause I know that you
keep it up-to-date.  So when I moved these translated strings from
Nautilus to Eel, the first thing i did was try the Swedish translation. 
At this point i had the sv.po file in an emacs buffer.  I then tried to
be clever by writing emacs macros to do the work on the rest of the .po
files, and I applied this macro.  But I forgot that I had dealt with the
.sv po file already and somehow it got messed up.

Sorry again!

Look on the bright side, It could have been English instead of Polish...


Christian Rose wrote:
> Dude, did you confuse Swedish with some other language?!?
> I will be fixing these messages myself as soon as I can, but I'd also
> really like to see a bugfix release for Eel when the language issues are
> sorted out (I think there's a possibility that other po files may be
> wrong too).
> Especially the user level names are fairly prominent in Nautilus and it
> really sucks if they are in Polish/Czech when using Nautilus in
> Swedish... :-(
> Christian
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