Re: [Nautilus-list] Status of FreeBSD port of Nautilus?

Klaus Herrmann wrote:
> do you have working patches for 1.0.3 / CVS? i think it would save a
> lot of work if we debug 1.0.3 and not 1.0.2. i compiled medusa cvs on
> freebsd but can't tell if it is really working, but nautilus is
> somewhat difficult.
> bye,
>         Klaus
> --
> Klaus Herrmann <klaus herrmann gmx net>

The state of things is as follows:

Nautilus 1.0.3 has all the FreeBSD build fixes except one in

There is a medusa patch in bug 7601 which Rebecka was looking at, but
hasn't made it to the CVS HEAD.

I was able to build nautilus without medusa and by commenting out code
in nautilus-volume-monitor.c.

Since then, the author of nautilus-volume-montitor.c (Gene Ragan) made a
better fix for it.  This fix didnt make it into 1.0.3.

Im going to try and check this in into the CVS HEAD of Nautilus very

At that point you should be able to build Nautilus on FreeBSD out of the
box without Medusa support.

Thanks for your patience.  I have a FreeBSD box and ill be happy to help
debug Nautilus.  The best way is probably to chat in #nautilus on


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