Re: [Nautilus-list] Ammonite dependancy appeared

Ross Burton wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed that Ammonite has just become a dependancy of nautilus in
> between the 2001-05-02 and 2001-05-04 snapshots.  Why is this - I don't
> install Trilobite so why is Ammonite needed?
> Ross
> --

It should only be a dependency for the Eazel provided RPM.

You can still build nautilus without ammonite installed.

Ammonite is used by Nautilus to populate the Services menus, determine
your Eazel Services user name, and by the Mozilla component to do uri
munging to work with eazel-services.

The ammonite usage is not really a hook for eazel services, just a way
to enhance the experience when eazel services are installed.  In the
case of the Mozilla component, it is probably a hard dependency for
certain eazel services features, like webdav.

I agree that it is a little messy.  I consider this a loose end from the
large changes I made to make eazel-services support in nautilus be
something that happens at runtime and without any complicated code hooks
in nautilus.

I consider it a todo item for someone in the future to completely remove
the ammonite dependency from even the Eazel provided RPM.  Mike Fleming
had some ideas on how to make this so.


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