Re: [Nautilus-list] PATCH: builddir != srcdir compile fix

on 3/28/01 7:42 AM, Jason Leach at jasonleach usa net wrote:

> Basically libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-directory-private.h does
> #include "nautilus-idle-queue.h" (which is in ../libnautilus), which
> is fine if your srcdir == builddir, but if not it's bad juju because
> doesn't tell libnautilus-extensions to
> -I$(top_srcdir)/libnautilus... patch does just that.

Please don't do this fix.

> An alternative 1-line fix for this could be accomplished by changing
> nautilus-directory-private.h to use #include
> <libnautilus/nautilus-idle-queue.h>, because does tell it
> to -I$(top_srcdir).

Please do this fix.

> Lemme know if it's OK to commit.


    -- Darin

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