Re: [Nautilus-list] Undo feature?

on 3/25/01 10:39 PM, Jon Allen at jonallen surfbest net wrote:

> I've seen references to an Undo feature (for Undo/Redo of text edits,
> etc.) in several old bug reports.  Is this still a feature somewhere?

We started working on Undo and we have a framework for making it work across
components (since there's not a workable framework for that in
Bonobo-proper). We had planned on eventually putting the Undo support into
Bonobo too, if the Bonobo maintainers felt good about it.

But the actual Undo we had implemented was too limited and too lame to
include, and also had bugs that caused seg faults even if you weren't using
Undo. So we turned it off in the sources (see bug 3515). We can turn the
half-assed Undo back on, but we probably don't want to do that until we have
a hacker who has the time and passion to take a real crack at making the
Undo feature work well in various places in the program.

    -- Darin

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