[Nautilus-list] Important Update for Eazel Installer users...

Hey, there ---

    If the Eazel Installer has been giving you problems, there's finally
a light at the end of the tunnel. Here's what's been happening:

    1. Build problems from the Tinderbox-generated Installers were
resulting in erratic crashes during installation.  Fixed by Arik's
building the installer manually.
    Updated instructions for getting current Red Hat 6.2 and 7.0
installer builds are at

    2. Current candidate builds no longer have 'EazelSourceSnapshot' in
their RPM names. The installer may fail with a confusing error message
(including but not limited to 'gnome-vfs v0.9 would break
nautilus-suggested v0.8.5') if this is the case. To solve it, remove
your EazelSourceSnapshot RPMs:

    su {root password}
    rpm -e `rpm -qa | grep EazelSourceSnapshot` --nodeps

    ...and then launch the installer.

    BEWARE --- there's an installer bug (#7634) in which ORBit is not
being re-installed. If this happens, GNOME won't load next time you
reboot. You can solve it by re-installing the ORBit RPM.  (You'll
probably have this file stored in /tmp/eazel-installer.{something
random} if you click 'No' at the end of the installation, when asked if
you'd like to delete the downloaded RPMs.)

    If all of that is too risky for you, just wait until 7634 is fixed.


Beyond this, there are two frequently occurring, known issues which
remain unfixed:

#1: Installer fails with "The RPM Installer encountered an unexpected

#2: Installer fails with "...SoftCat is updating..." (when the Software
Catalog may not in fact be updating.)

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