Re: [Nautilus-list] importing mozilla's bookmarks

I think doing a one-way import would be possible once we have an editable
hierarchical bookmarks menu in Nautilus, which we currently don't have.


on 3/8/01 2:08 AM, Ramiro Estrugo at ramiro eazel com wrote:

> Louis Garcia wrote:
>> Is there a way of importing mozilla's bookmarks into nautilus? I do not
>> see any import function on the toolbar, please tell me there is a way.
> Unfortunately, there isn't, nor is there such a feature planned.  If you
> file a request for this feature in the form of a bug
> ( we might consider it.
> Im not sure exactly how such a feature would work.  Would it be
> automatic ?  For example, we currently extract proxy information out of
> Netscape, Mozilla or Galeon if needed without any user intervention.
> Would there be an actual toolbar/menu item somewhere to do this ?  Would
> these bookmarks then be editable by Nautilus ?  Would Nautilus then
> export them back to Mozilla ?
> To get such a feature right someone needs to put some thought into how
> the user would interact with it.
> -re
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