Re: [Nautilus-list] Fwd: Fer de Lance, intelligence for the free desktop

Autonomy is a comercial product that does something similar.
They are quite successful and spin a huge interest in the
news business for the moment.

This (Viper, Autonomy and similar) systems are going to make
some major breakthrough compared to "classical" search engines,
allthough they cannot replace them.

More or less you can make those systems work for any kind of
files as long as you can run some feature extraction methods
on them and build a feature vector.

Systems I've seen (or heard about) so far includes

 o Radio broadcast
 o TV brodcast
 o Image analysis
 o Movie scene analysis
 o Web search engines
 o Job application and CV analysis
 o Text archive retrival
 o Code reuse analysis
 o Phone tap analysis ;/
 o Costumer analysis
 o Intrusion detection
 o Public area surveilance

Sure I missed some ..

I haven't heard about anyone using something like this on music
but it souldn't be to difficult to implement.


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