Re: [Nautilus-list] Strange show-stopper bug

This happens to me also. I reported a bug #8323 a few weeks ago about it.
You can turn off sound previewing to avoid the bug ( at least I am able to).
John Harper also posted a solution that invloved editing an esd
configuration file. Apparently this doesn't happen to many people because
the bug is heinous with the momentary hangs and I think we would hear about
it if so.


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> I think I've found out why some people think of Nautilus as extremely
> slow.
> This bug makes Nautilus feel exceptionally slow, hangs and is
> unresponsive, if esd (esound) is not installed, or not running.
> I just filed it.. it just occured to me that this might be responsible for
> even more mischief.
> Perhaps esd-functions should just be disabled if not found on startup?
> Sort of like the way Fam works?
> Gaute Lindkvist
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