Re: [Nautilus-list] File Properties

Adam Zolkover wrote:
> I am not a programmer, so I don't know how much I can do about this, but
> I had a suggestion for a better way to handle file properties.  First of
> all, there should be a permissions tab in the properties window that
> allows the user to change file permissions like they could in GMC.

I'm not a programmer either, but isn't there already? When I right-click
on a file in Nautilus 1.0.3 and select "Show Properties", I get a window
with a "Permissions" tab that lets me change file permissions. I believe
that tab has been there for quite some time.

> Additionally, though, what if there was an option for a "Properties"
> sidebar panel.  The panel would have all of the functionality of the
> properties window (including file permissions), and it would allow the
> manipulation of properties for whatever file was highlighted at the
> time.  If no file was highlighted, then it would show the properties of
> the current directory.  I don't know.  Just a thought.  I was using
> nautilus today and it occured to me just how much more convenient
> manipulating file properties would be if there were a panel, so I
> thought that I'd pass it along.

I like that idea too. Great suggestion. I imagine there is a category of
users that really would appreciate such a very accessible way of
manipulating permissions.

Maybe this suggestion should be put in ?
Putting bug reports and good suggestions in bugzilla usually prevents
them from being accidentally forgotten on the mailing list, in my
experience. I think this is more important than ever, since I imagine
few Nautilus maintainers have the time to hack on too many new features
right now.
Bonus points if you report the bug number on this list afterwards - then
1) more people than a few maintainers will know that this feature is
reported and where, and 2) everybody on this list who is interested in
this feature can keep track of it.


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