Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: [PATCH] hide some sensitive information

Ramiro Estrugo wrote:

2 questions about this patch:

1) Why use asterisks ?  I dunno offhand if its legal to use these in a
URI, but regardless.  Since the URI gets written to disk, it might be
confusing to use asterisks since these have special meaning to the unix
shell.  Even if Nautilus deals with it properly, its weird to look at a
file name with such characters.

I just chosen asterisks because it's what you usually get when you type a password in any GNOME program (GDM for instance). Anyway, maybe it's better to use 'x' or something like that.

2) Why 6 characters ?  Why not dup the whole uri, and then replace each
of the password characters with the obfuscating char ?  That way you
preserve the uri length, and probably make the operation a little

I don't want to preserve the uri length. This way if the user changes his/her password the thumbnails in disk are still valid and don't have to be regenerated (and downloaded).
Why 6? Well, it was just a beautiful integer number...


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