Re: [Nautilus-list] Viewer for .tgz, .tbz2, ...?

This is a feature which is currently not finished in Nautilus.

There are gnome-vfs methods to view tar files, but the Nautilus shell
end of things was never implemented.

We've had plans to make it work for a while, but as far as I know there
is currently no one working on it.

If you want to help with this feature, then you should probably start by
grokking how the gnome-vfs extfs method deals with tar files and then
investigate what needs to happen on the Nautilus shell end of things.

Last time we discussed this amongst Nautilus hackers, the overall
feeling was that it would be a "not hard" task for someone very familiar
with the internals of Nautilus, especially the shell.

You probably need to hang out on #nautilus and ask Darin and/or Maciej
lots of questions once you start digging into this.


Thomas Raschbacher wrote:
> hi all!
> i just joined this list cuz i want to help.
> i wondered if someone is working on a viewer for archives(tgz, ..) and if i can help cause this is one of the features i`m missing when browsing my filesystem with nautilus ;)
> LordVan(ThomasR)

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