Re: [Nautilus-list] FAM and dnotify

> I spent a couple of hours this weekend patching up FAM to use the new
> linux dnotify fcntl instead of imon, patch attached. Having a working FAM
> would be a very good thing for the Nautilus file manager.

Awesome! :-)

> Is there still a maintainer for oss FAM? There hasn't been a release for a
> very long time.

I suspect that SGI has stopped maintaining, leaving it maintainerless to
my knowledge. Mailing list traffic has also died out. I'll inquire, but
it may be best to move Fam under the auspices of GNOME if nobody else is
working on it.

> I'd appreciate if some people could take a look at it. It seems to
> basically work, but due to the strange interfaces (FAM and dnotify uses
> filenames, the imon interface uses dev:inode) I'm unable to convince
> myself that there are no race conditions involving renaming files across
> directories.

I'll look over this later tonight and give it a try.

> I'm also unsure about the security issues of having FAM installed. (I
> worry especially about it's handling of groups.) Does anyone know if Irix
> has had any security problems with FAM?

There were a few in the past (IRIX has never exactly been famous for
being the most secure *nix), but FAM is pretty old and all the known
issues have been dealt with....of course moving to Linux might introduce
some new ones, who knows...


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