Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: Darin doesn't work effectively with Yoann?

On 21 Jun 2001 02:05:41 +0800, Ian McKellar wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 02:13:19PM +0300, David Tabachnikov wrote:
> > I have to agree with Yoann on this one - credit, is the only motivation
> > one has in free software. Many hackers hack, only to get their name in
> > the ChangeLog (and maybe the About box). To do almost anything, a person
> > needs motivation. "Making somebody's software better" doesn't always
> > work.
> I personally have little interest in working with people who're only 
> interested in credit. If you want to be famous then you should kidnap a
> celebrity or sue a fast food chain. If you like writing code and want to 
> make computers better for users then you should hack on Free Software.
> Ian [disclaimer: I haven't had my first coffee yet]

If Yoann wanted only the credit, he would start his own project.
But it's very unrewarding to spend many hours on doing somewhere, and
then seeing somebody elses name in the ChangeLog, near the work you did.
It makes you stop wanting to work on it.

If you spend many hours on something, you want at least to see your name
appear near that part of the project. 

Credit is not the only reason to work on a project, but it is a
demotivator to not get it for your work.

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