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I appreciate the work you've done pinpointing performance issues in
Nautilus; however, I don't think any contributor is entitled to be as
whiny and demanding as you. There's lots of other people trying to
help make Nautilus better, and it's unfair to all of us if you drain
all of Darin's valuable time and leave none for the rest of us.

I think you need to take more initiative and figure out more about how
Nautilus works yourself, as other contributors have done.

I agree that redoing your work when you submit a faulty patch is a bit
rude, but in my experience, it's way less effort than trying to get
> Yes, when you don't have the big picture, you sometime think something
> will not cause problem in other place. But it will.

That's why you need to test your changes more thoroughly and make more
effort to understand teh big picture for yourself. Otherwise you are
wasting everyone's time.

Sorry if this email sounds harsh, but I think you are totally out of
line in flaming Darin and whining about how he won't answer your



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