[Nautilus-list] another apology before I leave on my trip

I keep messages that need some further review or response from the Nautilus list in a folder. I have 42 messages here in that category still even today after some work replying to some recent ones. At least some of them will probably lead to responses once I have a chance to reread them carefully.

So if you have posted a patch that I haven't reviewed, or a complaint I haven't responded to, there's a chance I'll get to it after I return if it' s one of the 42 I still have sitting here (1 from Alex Larsson, 2 from Benedikt Roth, 1 from Dan Mueth, 1 from me, 1 from David Shochat, 1 from Davide Tabacnikov, 1 from Davide Watson, 1 from Ed McKenzie, 1 from Fatih Demir, 1 from Gaute Lindkvist, 1 from Gregory Leblanc, 1 from James Su, 1 from Jeffrey Ingber, 1 from Lauris Kaplinski, 3 from Maciej Stachowiak, 1 from Michael Rothwell, 2 from Ramiro Estrugo, 1 from Remco de Jong, 1 from Robin Slomkowski, and 19 from Yoann Vandoorselaere).

    -- Darin

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