[Nautilus-list] About Opening New Window time...


I'm trying to see where is the bottleneck when opening a
new window to load a directory. 

- click on the directory
- window open
- several second pass, 100% cpu usage...
- view is loaded.
- directory is read, and icon are drawn in the view.

Now, you'll tell me that isn't critical, but then, just as a test,
select a directory icon on your desktop, and type enter, say 10 times.

The time to load the directory increase linearly, 
nothing can be done, even closing the window that are loading.

It seem to be an issue with the component subsystem,
cause the window is drawn almost immediatly, but it is the view that
take very long time to load...

I'm still trying to trace the problem, 
but the asynchronous nature of Nautilus make it very hard to trace.
If anyone have an idea, you're welcome to help me :)

Darin, I believe this should be fixed before 1.0.4, this sound like
a grave problem to me.

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                     | leg. - Bjarne Stroustrup

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