Re: [Nautilus-list] fixing the fact that updating menus takes a lot of time

On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, Darin Adler wrote:

> On Thursday, June 14, 2001, at 10:06  AM, Alex Larsson wrote:
> > Has anyone talked to Michael about this problem? It would be nice if
> > Bonobo was fixed for Gnome 2. (But my hopes aren't high about this
> > unfortunately.)
> I discussed this with him at length when we switched Nautilus over to the
> new Bonobo UI machinery. He implied that Nautilus was updating menus too
> often and that a better-designed program would not need to do so much work.
> So I'm not sure he sees this as a problem in the Bonobo API.
> But perhaps his perspective has changed with time.

One can only hope....

A good library design (for a library such as Bonobo) should not force a
design decision such as how often to update menus on the application

/ Alex

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