[Nautilus-list] Re: About wchar support.

On Thursday, June 14, 2001, at 06:24  AM, James Su wrote:

If we use UTF-8 or char*, we cannot handle the string directly. Like my patch, we must do lots of mbs<->wcs convertion in many functions. It will increase the program's complexity and affect its performance.

You're lecturing to the wrong guy. The decision to use UTF-8 for GNOME 2 is and was made by the GTK team, who hang out on the gtk-devel-list.

If there are particular places where the conversion between UTF-8 and a uniform-width character encoding turns out to be a bottleneck, we can consider changing the program to keep things in the uniform-width coding and convert to UTF-8 only when needed. But I'd need actual performance data to make that change, not merely the theoretical idea that it would be faster. In anything but the most text-intensive programs I suspect the real bottlenecks would be elsewhere.

But please don't waste your time and mine by debating this point further with me, since I'll just go with what the GNOME 2 project as a whole decides.

    -- Darin

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