[Nautilus-list] Inconsistencies and suggestions

I've encountered a couple of inconsistencies in Nautilus, some of which I
didn't notice until I started translating the manual.
Here goes:
1. The dialogs in Nautilus sometimes haven't got any "Ok" or
"Close"-buttons. Instead they apply changes immediately when changed,
and you just have to close the window using the sawfish-close-button.
This is not consistent with the normal Gnome-way of doing things, and I
think (without any proof of course), that people may have difficulties in
knowing what to do. If the dialog is directly in front of what they were
trying to change, they may not even know that it has changed, until they
close the window.
2. The bad inconsistency in Windows, were default action for drag n' drop
of files changes if you drag it across partitions, is copied in Nautilus.
I found it horribly annoying in Windows. Have there actually been
GUI-testing that suggested that this is the right way? For me, I would
think that users shouldn't have to worry about wether something is one the
same, or different partitions. Actually IMHO, users shouldn't have to know
that there is such things as partitions.
3. The way of renaming files are different in icon-view and list-view.
To clarify: In icon-view you can choose rename from File or contect-menu.
In list view you have to go via file preferences. Isn't this just
confusing and inconsistent?

And now for something completely different, feature-suggestions.
1. Sidebar-panel for devices. This has been suggested before, but IMHO it
is such a killer feature that it should definetly be a priority.
2. A sidebar-panel for the clipboard. Show files that have been cut or
copied (vith different emblem), and the possiblity of using it as
temporary storage with drag and drop.

I love the idea of simple extension through the modular sidebar, and if my
C-learning go as good as I hope, I hope to be able to contribute writing

Gaute Lindkvist

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