Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus + smbclient

Alex Larsson wrote:
> So, where do you want to mount the "Network neighbourhood" filesystem?
> Or the "List servers in workgroup" filesystem, or the "List shares in
> server" filesystem? And who's gonna write these filesystems?
> The thing is, for normal users to actually be able to use smb, it has
> to be simpler than: "Open a terminal, su to root, execute strange
> smbmount command with a magic name to select the server and share".

    BINGO.  As an evangelist and noted Linux-snob, I meet a lot of
people that overlook incredible system security*, incredible system-up
time, and virus-free operation, not to mention absolutely-cool tools
like those you guys write, to complain about this kinda functionality.
It's nuts.  But they still do.

    I don't know if anyone noticed it (and so far without a response,
consider that I can't really tell if my posted messages are *really*
being heard) I mentioned this just a couple of days ago.

    My mental model had it mounting Samba shares in $HOME/mnt, just like
LinNeighborhood does.  This much can be done in a shell script FCOL,
after some creative magic that would let Nautilus create directories
like $HOME/mnt/machinename for everything Samba found, wether it could
connect.  Then when you click on the 'machine', Nautilus would run
smbmount, et all, to "populate" these empty directories.

    Sure, there are attribs to be tracked like wether it's mounted,
wether it has access, but it also tracks RO conditions and wether an
emblem exists for the particular icon.  After the amazing job you guy
have done on the really HARD parts, this would seem like a breeze...and
a simple diversion.  Because, well, you guys rock.  :)

> Are you also advocating kernel support for ftp, http, tar-files,
> digital cameras and all other kinds of things gnome-vfs can support?
> If you are, maybe you should spend some time talking to Al Viro.

    Ooohhh....not me, man. I may be a 'flatfoot' in ranks like these,
but I know my place!  I merely use these cool tools, and hope to help
out at some point.  I have great respect for the thousands of 'code
factories' who've had time to congregate, improve their skills, and do
all the things I don't have time to do, because using Linux is what I'm
paid for- not improving it.

* Versus the other leading brand, based in Seattle. Your *BSD may vary. 


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money again.'

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