[Nautilus-list] Nautilus is not very good at placing the desktop icons....

I hope you dont get this twice, my evolution snapshot is messing around with me... (now I'm usign mutt ;)

When Nautilus is creating icons it is placing them on random places, and it's favourte is under my panel. So I then have to move it manualy.

It also places icons with a little overlap sometimes, when it did it for me it was the text that was overlaping other icons.

When I'm creating a new folder by right clicking on the root window and select new folder, I'd like to have the new folder created under my mouse pointer. Not at the random place under the panel... 

And I'd like to see some snap to grid feature, so I can have nice rows :)

//Snaggen, playing around with icons and fighting evolution...
(did that sound right?)

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