Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus News crashes pretty frequently

On 23Jul2001 01:54PM (-0600), Dan Hensley wrote:
> It crashed on me again just now.  It crashes fairly frequently, but
> unfortunately whenever it does bug-buddy can't come up with a backtrace.
> Has anyone else noticed its instability (it's always been unstable for
> me)?  I guess I can try running nautilus-news in gdb whenever I launch
> Nautilus, but the crashes are pretty unpredictable.

I recently had problems with my DNS server. Of course, Nautilus News
couldn't update the information from my selected sites.

I've noticed that if I kept a Nautilus window opened for a while, the
News component would crash.

So, I think what's happening is that the News component can't fetch the
information from the site and instead of opening an error dialog it's

This may not be the same problem you're having, but it's bug. I'll
report it in a few days.

PS1: it crashed a few times, not only once.
PS2: I've fixed the server already, hasn't crashed since.


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