[Nautilus-list] Poor performance


I'm having performance issues with Nautilus.  I was hoping some of you
may have encountered this problem before.

When I attempt to open Nautilus by double clicking on the "lucas's home"
icon on my desktop... the Nautilus window doesn't actually open until
30-60 seconds later.  To add to this, when I click on an icon in the
Nautilus window, I do not get a response for up to a minute.

I have monitored the CPU and RAM usage throughout this process, I can
report _no_ abnormal usage amounts.

Has anyone seen this before?

I am using GNOME with Sawfish on a Dual PIII 733 machine with 256MB RAM.
Should be more than adequate.

I hope I've provided enough information to help diagnose the problem...
but let me know if you need anything else.


[ lucas ]

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